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Every other person uses Gmail and now it has become one of the major parts of both personal and professional lives of many peoples across the world. If you are still wondering what Gmail actually is?, let me tell you that Gmail is the biggest and the best email service provider in the world which is owned by Google. Millions of people across the world set up their emails account every second to take advantage of the awesome email features that come along with this webmail service.

Gmail was originally launched in 2004 with 1GB of storage space. By the end of February 2016, (12 years) it has gained over 1 Billion daily active users and its services are also upgraded to provide the best functionality and user experience. Creating a Gmail account is extremely easy for which you are in the right place, here in this article we have provided you with detailed information about the amazing features that are offered by Gmail and the step by step tutorial regarding Gmail account sign up/ log in.


Create a new Gmail Account: Step by Step procedure in Detail

  • Firstly you have to visit the official website of gmail. 


  • Click on sign up or create account


  • You will be directed to a page where you will be asked to fill in your personal details like name, gender, your desired unique username, password, date of birth.
  • Now fill in certain security questions and procedures like you mobile phone number & an already existing email address for the password recovery. 
  • After filling all the blanks click on the ‘next step’ button & complete the mobile verification after which you will be directed to your inbox page.
  • Now you are finally done & have successfully create your account on Gmail.
  • You can share your email address among your friends in order to receive mails.
  • You can also sign in to various social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter using your gmail email address.

The Gmail address is a unique pattern which is assigned particularly to you and is attached to your Google account. With this address, you can access all the services and applications of Google like Gmail, Google Drive, Youtube, Picasa, Google Maps, Google Calander, etc. This Gmail address is also required while you setting up a Google Play Store account on your Android device.

After successfully setting up a Gmail account, you should definitely try out the Gmail labs which offer various crazy experimental stuff’. In order to enable any Gmail Lab feature, first, click the gear icon available in the top right of the Gmail pane. Go to Settings > Labs. Scroll down to the feature you want, select the Enable radio button, and click Save Changes. The experimental stuff’s that are offered by Gmail Labs are listed below.

  • You can have an infinite number of alternate Email addresses
  • You can add various Gmail themes
  • You can get driving directions from Gmail
  • You can check the Gmail Server Status
  • You can use Gmail Offline in Chrome

Gmail.com Login/ Sign In to your Account Guide

  • Firstly you have to visit the official website of gmail.


  • Click on Sign In button on the upper right corner of the webpage.


After which you will be directed to a new page, here enter your Gmail Email address & hit next button below.


Now enter your Gmail email password & click on the ‘gmail sign in‘ button below, Now you are done with www.gmail.com login.

Now that you know how you can create a Gmail account & how to sign in to your account, here are some awesome features that make Gmail the best & most used this email service in this era of technology.

Awesome Features of Gmail

Did You Know That You Can Unsubscribe Multiple Newsletters

Yes, you can absolutely unsubscribe all the newsletters.

To unsubscribe a newsletter we click on the unsubscribe button which is present the sender’s address in every spam email. But to unsubscribe all of them, select all the conversations that you want to unsubscribe.With the help of Unroll.me plug-in, all the spam conversations will vanish in seconds.

Check if someone is reading your Email

Is someone sneaking into your gmail account when you are not around? Do not worry. You can check out your last used session time.

1. Go to inbox view

2. Scroll down to find out a tiny text at the bottom right corner

3. There you can see your last account activity

4. Click ‘Details’ and check which IP address accessed your account with time.

You Can Reply all by Default

In Professional use, you may need to send the email to multiple people. All you have to do is go to the ‘Settings’ under General tab. Go to “Reply Behaviour” and Change it to “Reply All.”

 Multiple Messages Selection

If you have to delete more than the limited number of emails, or if you want to draft them or save them into another folder, this should be helpful to you.

1. Go to Inbox view

2. Hold Shift button while selecting all your emails, which will check all the email threads at one go.

Optimise Your Search If you have too many emails. 

Searching for old emails is one heck of a hassle. Here is a simple trick:

  • To locate emails that are matching with keyword C or keyword D, just type “OR” in all capital letters.
  • Find a particular type of files by using “filename:”
  • You can even search your messages with time by using “after:” & “before:” for example: after 2013/03/25 before 2012/03/06.

Multiple Inboxes

Want to get all the unread emails on top, in one inbox?

Go to ‘Settings’, then select “Unread First” and below the drop down menu.

You Can Check Gmail while you are Offline

This one is my favorite! You can read, search, respond and archive the emails with an extension in Google Chrome. What’s more? you do not need an internet connection.

1. Click on Settings

2. Then on Gmail Offline tab

3. Now let the extension to sync & download all the emails before you go offline.

4. And check your emails even though you don’t have the Internet connection. However, this doesn’t occupy your space in your PC.

Important Keyboard Shortcuts

This is going to be of a huge help. The keyboard shortcuts will make your work smooth and quick.

  • j for older messages
  • k for newer messages
  • e if you want to archive
  • shift + # to send the emails into the trash
  • / to type anything in the search bar
  • a to reply all users
  • r to message individually

Set Filters for your Inbox

Yet another amazing feature of gmail.com login is you can set up filters for your inbox.

You will be receiving them but they will not be shown in your inbox, you can just follow the below instructions.

1. Select the Email

2. Go to More

3. Then filter Messages

4. Create your filter with your keywords for the search

5. Select ‘Skip the Inbox’

6. Apply Label

Schedule your Emails

1. Download Boomerang Gmail Plug-in

2. Choose your desired time for the message to send

3. This plugin can even push all the read messages to the top of your inbox at the time and date you have scheduled it.

More features like unsend and setting up themes are in popularity now. So by following our tutorial correctly, we hope you have already created your Gmail account which will make your everyday email exchange easy. If you are still experiencing any issues and unable to create you account feel free to contact us via contact us page given above or can comment in the box given below.

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