How to Enable 2-Step Verification For Gmail Account

Gmail is a free web based email service which was brought by Technology giant google. accounts are used by the most of the peoples from all the different corners around the world, as it provides free data for storage and a user-friendly atmosphere. Nowadays as we know nothing is secure & security is just an illusion. In order to deal with this issue of security breach Gmail came up with this new feature of 2-Step verification after lot’s of cases of gmail account hacks in order to add extra security layer which prevents the hackers from accessing the account even after knowing one’s username & password. After enabling this feature you are also not required to keep the lengthy password which you can’t even remember to keep your account protected and safe.

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Gmail account has been used for saving the Photos, Videos, PDF’s etc, As Gmail provides us with free 15 GB storage. Storing is not the main criteria, You need to protect the data from hackers. What they will do is hack your account and send spam emails from your contact to your friends. You will be cheated even after resetting your passwords related banking, shopping and much more associated with the particular gmail account. So its better to keep 2-Step verification for all your products like Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Analytics which will keep your account more secure.

What is 2-Step Verification and How it works?

In order to save your account from hacker’s you need to enable two-step verification, First you need to login to your account & in order to enable 2-step verification code follow the below-mentioned process. This two-step verification adds more security to your account as after knowing your ID & Password nobody can access it. Even if someone enters the correct login details, you will receive a text message with a unique code on your registered mobile number which nobody except you can access & after validating the particular code google allows access to the account. Always try to keep a strong password (not easily guessable’s one’s), access your account while no one is watching you during the login times.

How to Enable 2-Step Verification Guide

  • After you Sign in to your Gmail account, on the top right corner click on the ‘gear icon’>>Settings. (if you don’t know how to gmail sign in have a look at the article we shared previously)



  • Go to Google Account Settings under ‘Accounts’ tab click on ‘Other Google Account Settings’.


  • A new tab will appear under ‘Sign-in & Security’ option Click on 2-Step Verification tab to enable it.
  • Click on setup, In the next page tap on Start setup
  • After which you will be again asked to login to your account.


  • A new page will appear, enter your phone number in the provided box, Don’t forget to add backup phone numbers which will be used in an emergency.


  • Choose the mode which you will receive the code ‘SMS or Call’ & Click Send code.
  • A new six digit code will be sent via text message or by a call to the mobile number associated with the account, enter the code in the box and click verify>>Next>>Confirm


With this you are done, from the next time whenever you login into your Gmail account from apps or desktops you will be asked for the code you need to enter into every time for protecting your data from frauds.

Also you can protect your Gmail Login account using Authenticator app operated from your smartphone, Every time it will generate new code and last for 30 seconds only, It will help you to access account only when they have this application.

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